Each spring, thousands of volunteers are organized and sent into dense neighborhoods for one purpose; to pick up trash.  We hold approximately 25 meeting locations across the intercity.  Volunteers grab trash bags, strap on rubber gloves, and spread out in groups of five.  Each group is given a certain territory.  Most trash is recycled.  Volunteers divide trash into aluminum, plastic, and unrecyclable trash.  Volunteers use trucks to haul away the trash.  Every volunteer receives a green t-shirt that says “iHateTrash”.  Volunteers can receive discounts by wearing this green shirt into stores.  Volunteers will receive community service hours which is an excellent resume builder.

We make our home more enjoyable to visitors and tourists.  A clean community brings in more revenue, and is a happier place to live.  As the population grows, litter is becoming a global problem.  As a volunteer, you will pick up litter in neighborhoods, parks, and highway exists & entrances.  Volunteers are to raise awareness.  Litter is everywhere.  Volunteers learn a great deal about the surrounding environment.  Each volunteer is educated on the effects of litter.  Our purpose is to stop people from littering.
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