Donate Supplies

We use trash bags, vinyl gloves, pick-up trucks and other many other resources to dispose trash and recycle litter.  These supplies are essential for The LitterBugz cause to save the environment.  You can donate any extra unused supplies to The LitterBugz at anytime!  This helps us cut costs, and provide an economic, and environmentally-friendly cleaning event.  Please contact us immediately to donate supplies.  We appreciate your support.

Help Fund Cleaning Operations

The LitterBugz has many volunteers that come out to each cleaning event.  Each volunteer lends a helping hand in order to remove litter.  Every LitterBug uses supplies such as gloves, rakes, trash bags, and brooms to beautify each targeted area.  If you would like to sponsor the event, contact us via email.  It will be greatly appreciated and put to good use!


See volunteer page – Volunteer!

Support Us

The LitterBugz strive to create awareness of eco-friendly choices.  Our goal is to eliminate litter.  This is a gradual process and we will not stop until we accomplish these goals!  The more support we receive, the faster this movement will spread.  Supporting our cause helps your community become cleaner and a greater joy for citizens and tourists.  You can spread the word about us in church, at work, or even while shopping.  You can also recommend areas to be cleaned.  Any and all support is what fuels our organization to accomplish our goals and is greatly appreciated!

Reasons to donate?

All donations contribute directly to cleaning the environment in your community.
This money helps us preserve the territory and keep the youth aware of litter problems.
Please send the donation form to our address or e-mail it to us!

– A special thanks to the people that make the program possible –