The Great Cleveland Clean Up

This event already happened, and was a success!

The Mission: Remove ALL of the litter in Cleveland in 3 hours!

The LitterBugz is a nonprofit organization that was founded on March 23, 2011, in Toledo, Ohio.  We clean neighborhoods and we do it strategically.  Our organization provides community service hours for students by holding cleaning events in dense neighborhoods.  We target all neighborhoods, parks, and highway exits and entrances.  The LitterBugz is dedicated to stop people from littering while proactively cleaning up litter.

We need 2,000 volunteers for SEPTEMBER 14!

People see how much trash The LitterBugz collect and understand the importance of keeping their neighborhood clean.  Children have seen us cleaning and started to pick up litter as well.  The LitterBugz team leads by example by having every member of the organization attend cleaning events to help clean the city.  Even the founder of the organization cleans litter during every event.  We must educate people as the population rises.

Help us host the event.

The LitterBugz plans to remove all the litter in the City of Cleveland and surrounding cities in 3 hours on September 14, 2013.  We need 1,800 volunteers to remove ALL of the litter from the City of Cleveland. Sign up now! Whether volunteering, or donating, you are greatly helping our efforts to clean the environment.  During the summer of 2011, The LitterBugz cleaned litter almost every Saturday.  The LitterBugz continue to educate schools, churches, businesses, and several different student organizations.

Advertisement Opportunities

The expenses associated with cleaning the entire City of Cleveland are roughly $20,000.00 with no sponsors.  In addition to this event, we will also be participating in a number of environmentally unfriendly events throughout the summer (such as festivals and parades).  We educate the public. The LitterBugz can help promote your business if you decide to donate.  Just ask us, and we will be glad to help. E-mail us at

Let's Talk About It

  1. Just about all ages are welcome, since every meeting location is at a park. I’ll be the territory coordinator for the Veterans Memorial Park location on State Rd. We will meet in front of the start of the disc golf course!

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  3. How do i help

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