Glenville Festival Clean-Up

This event already happened, and was a success!

Help us keep Glenville beautiful!

On August 12, we are hosting a clean-up during the Glenville Festival.  Volunteers will arrive at the Glenville Festival (at Sam Miller park) just before 5:00pm.  Before we divide into groups, volunteers are taught how to recycle and educated on the effects of litter.  We will spread out in teams of five, removing as much litter as possible in one hour.  Volunteers primarily focus on removing litter from parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, and highway exists & entrances.

The Great Broadview Heights Clean-Up is an opportunity for employees or students to receive community service hours.  We partner with many nonprofit organizations, businesses, youth groups, schools, and churches to raise awareness.  It takes a great deal of networking, organization, and leadership to put this event together.  Please consider reaching out to help in any way.

David Mettert | 216-470-2198 | | President

Jeff Schlekie | 440-829-4703 | | Volunteer Chair

Matt Schmidt | 216-225-8215 | | Outreach & Development

Our cleaning events are organized passionately by people who volunteer to pick up litter.  We encourage others to create change in hopes to inspire an environmentally friendly culture.  Litter is a distraction.  Litter also disturbs people.  Without litter, resources are more accessible.  People tend to gravitate towards cleaner areas spending more money with local businesses. Making the environment more attractive improves the economy.

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