Cleveland West-Side Clean-Up

This event already happened, and was a success!

The Cleveland West-Side Clean-Up will be held May 21, at 12:30pm.

This saturday, we are picking up litter!

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A T T E N T I O N    V O L U N T E E R S:

Meet at 12:30pm at the Rock & Roll City Studios parking lot to sign in.  You will receive vinyl gloves, trash bags, and green t-shirts.  We dispatch to clean before 1:00pm, in groups of 5, and clean for 2 hours.

To sign-up as a volunteer!  R E G I S T E R    B E L O W:

At the Cleveland west-side clean-up, volunteers learn the only 2 ways to beautify a community.  Volunteers generally have a positive experience and is educated on the effects of litter.  This program is designed to clean neighborhoods rapidly while raising awareness in the community.  Because it is solely volunteer based, the LitterBugz volunteers do clean up quickly!  “We get work done fast, it’s just trash.”  Each volunteer helps clean up trash, this includes every leader hosting the event.  Many stay afterwards to discuss ways to prevent litter.

I Hate Trash!  The LitterBugz was founded in 2011 and are focused straight on their goal, to STOP litter period.  The group have given over 3,000 service hours to over 2,000 volunteers in the program.  One mission, slightly longer term mission, will be to remove of the litter from Cleveland, Ohio in one single day.  The crazy thing is, it would only take just over 2,000 volunteers to remove all of the litter in Cleveland in one day!  We can do this.  Register BELOW for this upcoming cleaning event, and please sign up for our E-newsletter on the side column.

HOPE TO SEE YOU, at the Cleveland West-Side Clean-Up.

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